contractors busy with a home remodeling projectThere is no such thing as a perfect house but there is a way to making it to one through home remodeling. A perfect house does not necessarily mean that it is all luxury. You could be living in a shack but if it functions to satisfy all your needs and simplifies your life then that is a perfect home too. One could live in a mansion but can feel cold and disconnected from everyone else. Regardless, a perfect house is a house that is composed of common sense features that meets your lifestyle and needs. Here are some top home renovation ideas that you can do to make your home better.

Consider A Single Level Home Remodeling

a single-level home remodeling projectThe single living house is coming back big time. The reason is practicality because single level homes are quite easy to care for. No need to bring out a ladder in order to reach second story. All is within reach for repairs, painting and cleaning. The temperature of a single level house is also quite easy to regulate. Since there are no upstairs or downstairs, there is reduced stress on your HVAC system, thereby ensuring that you feel comfortable no matter where you are.

Nine-Foot Ceilings

A major advantage of having tall ceilings as a home remodeling project is it opens up the interiors of the home without necessarily having to increase the square footage. Based on a survey from the National Association of Homebuilders, there is a preference nowadays among homebuyers for tall ceilings. Over 65% of respondents state that they prefer a house with 9-foot ceilings to a home with an 8-foot ceiling. If you want to increase the value of your property, renovate to a 9-foot ceiling. Talk to Ellicot City Home Remodeler on how to get it done.

Southern Exposure

If you renovate, make sure you have south-facing windows as it lets sunlight in which is converted to free heat, called solar gain. In the summer, you can plant some trees against the windows to make it cooler inside. Since, sunlight is a mood enhancer, you can also do away with the anxiety and depression. Place some houseplants that can improve air-quality and thrive on southern exposure.

Reclaim and Renovate Outdoor Living Spaces

landscaping as part of home remodelingWithout a doubt, spending time outdoors is good and keeps you healthy. A recent scientific study done by researchers from UCLA determined that spending more time outside can lower stress levels as well as reduce cortisol, a stress hormone that makes you feel tired and foggy.

If you have a lot of unclaimed outdoor space, renovating it will definitely increase the value of your home. Install patios and decks create high desirability for homebuyers. Moreover, when it comes to cost, it comes down to only a fraction to install if compared to enclosed spaces.

Better Insulation

While you do not see this physically as it is located behind your walls, you can feel its effects. When you do your home remodeling place excellent insulation on your home it will lower utility costs and in effect keeps the indoor temperature stable. Moreover, you can easily recoup your investment if you max out attic insulation. For instance, by augmenting the insulation of an 800-square foot attic from an R-11 to an R-49, the savings you get is in the range of $500-$600 dollars.

Low Maintenance Siding

Would you rather spend your weekends doing something you really want or spend them having to scrape, caulk and repaint siding? What you need is a low maintenance exterior that provides excellent looks even in the harshest weather. A couple of options available are low-cost vinyl siding or durable fibre-cement.

Low-cost vinyl siding can provide a 75% return of investment while fiber-cement siding offers about 83% return.

Make it Ergonomic

More modern homes nowadays are integrating ergonomic features in the design. Ergonomic design is perfect for any home and not just for those with mobility issues. It is sensible and practical design that works well for everyone.

making a home remodeling project more ergonomicWiden your doorways at least 36-42 inches wide to make life easier. Try moving a piece of furniture from room to room via a narrow doorway and you’ll realize why this is quite important. Replace clunky doorknobs with levers that do not require twisting. Make it curb less shower to prevent trips and falls. Use rocker switches that have a huge on/off button that you can flip with an elbow or knuckle. Very helpful when your hands are tied carrying stuff.