Being a mom is no small feat. It involves a lot of duties and responsibilities. A new bundle of joy or a growing teenager - the mom has to be alert all the time.

The test of a mother is never ending. It is true that the duties of a mother never end. It is always helpful if there is another helping hand to help you in all in your needs.

At least some tips and tricks are always welcome. The job of a Mom is never ending. But do not forget that you are allowed to take a break. Do not forget yourself in the running around your kids. 

This is something that all moms are accused of doing. You are allowed to relax and rest. You can even take a day off and leave it to the man of the house. Do not over exert yourself by taking all the responsibilities on your shoulders.

Being a new mom is even more difficult. It seems like you are always on your toes. The same thing happens if your child is just starting school. Take small breaks in between. You can make a list of things to do. This way you have sorted out the important chores of the day and also have duties according to the time. Give some of the duties to your partner. Get a help from the maid or babysitter if needed.

Do not over exhaust yourself in the job of being a mother. The key is that you have to work hard but work intelligently.

The Cooking, Cleaning And Feeding Responsibilities Of A Mother

If you ask anyone there is some or other recipe that was made by his mom that is still and will always be his favorite. The modern mother looks for recipes that are healthy but without the bland taste that the kids hate. Most prefer to go gluten free when cooking their kid's favorite recipes. It can be delicious and at the same time healthy. Go for recipes like cakes and pies that are gluten free and yummy to taste. Even cupcakes and pancakes can be made this way. 



In case of cooking vegetables, invest in a slow cooker. The nutrients that are released in slow cooking are perfect for health. But be careful not to serve those vegetables just as it is cooked. Research and find out new and unique ways of cooking vegetables. Just boiled or stir fried veggies are something that most children do not want to eat.



Go for the age old trick of hiding vegetables in the delicious food of their choice. For instance, there are mothers who very cleverly hide eggplant in their kid’s favorite pizza or broccoli in the burgers. Do not leave the cleaning for later. Kids are messy eaters. It can leave stains difficult to remove from the table or on the tablecloth.

Make sure they wash their hands properly after eating and do not leave their hand stains wherever they go. Smaller children have a habit of doing that. The job of parenting gets more stressful if you have more than one cutie pie in the house. But it is deeply rewarding at the same time.